Irrigation Systems generally require annual service & maintenance. Greenlawn Sprinkler does not only provide service & maintenance to irrigation systems installed by us, but also systems installed by other contractors.
Annual services offered by Greenlawn Sprinkler are:

Spring Turn Ons: Turn –On irrigation system, thoroughly inspect backflow preventer, sprinkler heads, make adjustments as needed, check rain sensor, replace controller back up battery and set program, advise of any required repairs.
Mid Season Checkups: Essentially same as Spring Turn-On but modify watering program for mid summer.
Winterizations: Flush irrigation system and prepare for winter shutdown.

Inspections (Home Sales & Purchases): When buying or selling a home, an inspection is generally required and the irrigation system is an integral part of that inspection. Greenlawn Sprinkler will thoroughly inspect your irrigation system and provide a detailed report of its condition and required repairs.

Backflow Preventer Certifications: An irrigation system is required to have a code approved backflow preventer installed. A backflow preventer is a device that is installed at or near the cross connection (where the irrigation plumbing tap is installed at your city /well water supply). The backflow preventer prevents the irrigation system water from reversing its flow and backing up into the city water supply.

Due to state and township code requirement changes over the years, many irrigation systems installed 20+ years ago may not have a current code approved backflow preventer or one at all.

Every installed backflow preventer requires a certification upon installation. Greenlawn Sprinkler is state certified to perform this for its customers.

Greenlawn Sprinkler offers annual Service Agreements to our customers.